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Winplc7v5crack Winplc7v5crack Jun 17,2019 US Congresswoman Susan Davis View all posts by Joel A. Sutherland → Jul 7, 2020 I'm about to publish a companion book to one of my other titles, "The Art of Storytelling", and there was this young guy who was flying on a plane. He was young and he was carrying around this notebook that had all these funny stories in it and he would tell them at the right time and the right place. And then I asked him if he was a writer. And he said, “No. I'm a storyteller.” And I said, “Well, why don't you write them down and then you'll have something to put in your storyteller notebook when you get to the right place and time to tell them?” He nodded. That was the very beginning of "The Art of Storytelling" Oct 23, 2017 Friends have been telling me for some time that I ought to start blogging. I haven't blogged yet. But now is a good time to start. Nov 7, 2019 In the current political climate, the use of satire, fiction, and poetry is all the rage. It was the hook that got me into "The Art of Storytelling" and it's what hooked the publisher into the project. Satire, fiction, and poetry are all things that call for imagination and creativity. They all allow the storyteller the opportunity to tell a tale from a point of view that's not your own. These are all three ways of telling a tale. Let's start with satire. Satire is basically setting the facts straight. You know, if you're writing a true story, it's important to get all of the facts right. The point of satire is to take something that might seem true and set it straight. If you're telling a true story, then you want to set it straight. You want to correct the false impressions that may have been made of you or your family or your friends or your town or your country. Satire is important. It's a form of truth telling. And fiction is another way to tell a story. If you're going to be telling a true story, then you have to get all the facts right

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