"In Shining Armor" - Dean & Abby

Abby wanted so badly to be wooed by a knight in shining armor that she set the scene herself, including in her plans a real king (played by her dad), and a real sword.

"The One" - Andres & Analisa

Andrés and Analisa threw an epic party that lasted all weekend long, so our "Flash Story" was the perfect package for them.  Sometimes you just have to "aprovechar el momento..." (look it up).

"Co-Journey" - Natalie & Brian

Natalie and Brian coined the phrase "co-journey," engraving it inside their wedding bands. Their thoughtfulness toward each other is what drives this piece and their relationship. 

"Party On Geneva" - Amanda & Andrew

Amanda + Andrew = Amandrew!  This fun-loving couple wanted to capture the party that their wedding weekend truly was, so we customized a package to do just that.

"10 Years at Day 1" - Dallas & Carla

Tradition says that the guy is supposed to buy the engagement ring. But as you will see in this Bride and Groom Story, Dallas and Carla just aren't your average couple.

"Let it Snowflake" - Meagan & Adam

Ever meet a bride who baked her own wedding cake? Meet Meagan and her fiance Adam. Even though they "still argue a lot," their's is a special kind of love.